Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is a natural look I did on myself using my PROFUSION keepsake palette that my boyfriend gave me as a present. He got it at ROSS for only $4.99 & let me tell you I LOVE IT!!  It comes with
25 eyeshadows
4 Blushes
2 Lip glosses
2 Duo shadow applicators
1 Blush brush

* but I used my brushes not the ones that came with the palette. It's a nice little palette PERFECT FOR GIFTS! You can put a picture in the front like an album. The colors are very well pigmented and better with primer! The blushes are pigmented and easy to blend as you can see on my face. I have yet to try the Lip glosses i'll swatch them in a picture below, but they smell good like bubblegum mmm =D. The one uses sponge tip! you can use your own brushes.  Would I recommend it?? YES! TOTALLY! GO FOR IT! Specially for starters who don't want to spend a whole lot on a palette!
ROSS has an amazing variety & did I mention they are awesome gifts?? Ladies tell your Boyfriends/parents/siblings/grandparents/neighbors/babydaddies LOL you get my point!
 I hope you liked this reviews because I SURE DID!!

xoxo, Yvette

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