Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Profusion 120 & 88 shimmer Palette

 Okay so my bf got me these as an EARLY x-mas present! Something I have always wanted and now that I have them I have to show you girls the awesome pigmentation! This is what they look like once you open them...
Aren't they cute! & wait for the swatches (with MAC PAINTERLY PAINT POD AS PRIMER)....dun dun dun
                This is the 88 shimmer palette. The circles are a bit small, but the quality is great. They don't have a scent to them unlike the 120 palette
                The 120 palette. Good huh? They look better in person thee flash doesn't give it justice. Still they look pigmented. The shadows are bigger then the 88 & they have a strong smell of baby powder. I don't care because they do the job =] & easy to work with. The top quads do not come like that they come stacked so, it comes on top of the square ones I just fixed it like that for the picture.
They are available at Ross & Walgreen's for a good deal GO CHECK THEM OUT BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!!

Xoxo, Yvette

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