Monday, November 22, 2010

Altieri brothers

Okay, I got these two hair products when I attended the hair cutting class by Altieri brothers who are famous Hair cutters who own countless shops & have their own line of hair products & NOMINATED #1 FOR AWARDS. So I was dying to try their products luckily they gave us 3 BAGS OF FREE HAIR PRODUCTS! I was on top of the world!!! But i'm going to rave about these first.
( I am writing this exactly how it is in the back of the bottle so I am quoating without the "")
*Cleans with lipids & amino acids
*guaranteed not to fade color
*Absolutely NO sulfates
*Moisturizes & repairs as it cleans
*Infuses essential nutrients into hair
*Gives hair luster & shine

*Hydrates hair at the molecular level
*Infuses protein into hair follicle
*Guarenteed not to fade color
*Repairs & strengthens dry damaged hair
*Rinses clean with no residue
*Detangles and eliminates frizz

Now, i started using this when Riccardo Altieri cut my hair which was about 2 1/2 months ago. I started using it even tho my hair is not dyed and I have to say I Love it! My hair was soo damaged and this shampoo & conditioner has helped me out a lot. My hair is thicker and healthier(I don't flat iron my hair or blow dry it anymore/ it's weird when I do) and the shine is amazing I get complements from everyone. The shampoo smells like a Popsicle  & the conditioner smells like coconut. I remember riccardo saying they were made of coconut or something like that. & the consistency of the shampoo is AMAZINGLY THICK. Like I can put it on my hand and flip my hand over and it won't fall off. The conditioner is a little more runny. I have been using this shampoo since October 12 literally EVERYDAY! I let it sit on my wet hair for about 3-5 min before rinsing it off ( because no matter how much I try to wash my hair every other day I cant') and I am about half way with these two bottles. I only need about a dime size, but then again I do have short hair! So it has lasted me quite a while.  My hair has grown at least 2 to 3 inches since I started using them. I recommend & love them. I will buy more after I'm done with these. You can check out their website for more info BUT I don't think you can purchase off the can try & contact them. I think the nearest shop is in Newport Beach Or somewhere in the OC. I don't know the price on the products because they were given to me for free.. HE DID HOWEVER TELL ME THAT I GOT $320 WORTH OF PRODUCTS FOR FREE.! & I am not getting paid to do this ( I wish ha!) it's my honest opinion because I really like what this is doing to my hair! I'll show You a picture of what else I got in my gift bags. Maybe I'll do a review on the rest hmmm I don't know I have to try out everything first!

(The razor & brush I bought myself with my money)

Their website:

xoxo, Yvette

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  1. Hey girl- Thanks for the review on the products.I too have taken classes with Riccardo and Toni. Riccardo actually cut my hair and I love it! Riccardo and Toni's cutting class was great and I cant wait to go to their color class in La Quinta next week.
    I did not happen to get all of those products but I have used the Tuscan oil hair wax. Amazing! My hair was like perfect for a week lol! Good luck in school. I'm at about three hundred hours in Beauty school right now. I cant wait to start my career!
    Good luck,