Sunday, November 21, 2010

My first BLOG!

 Yay I'm so excited to get my blog started!! Meanwhile I figure out why Youtube won't let me upload ANY of my videos... waaaah =( But at least I can post MANY things here for you guys!! Also, GO CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK MAKEUP PAGE! & show the love &support. & let me know what kind of reviews/tutorials/etc you would like to see!

xoxo, Yvette


  1. WO0W mii Amorr Feliciidadess por tu Website.!! <3 ya sabes k cuentas conmigo para lo k seaa ok te amoo att Miguel.!! <3 22

  2. I think it's awesome ure blogs are great. And I think u have a great look hair , makeup and nails keep it up

  3. maria from cosmo class